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Antonio Atoche Real Estate When choosing a real estate agent to represent you, you will want someone you can trust. I shared with you a few tips in my last post on what you should look for here. In today’s post I wanted to share with a my story and a little bit about how I got started.

In the video below I answer these 5 questions…

1. What got you into this business?

2.  What is your Big WHY/Passion/Purpose with Your Business? What do you do?

3. What important things should someone know about your business?

4. Why should someone WANT to do business with you?

5. What’s the NEXT STEP to take if we want to learn more?

If you are considering working with myself and my team or you are currently a client please share this video with a friend. It is my passion to serve the community with your real estate needs.

If you have any real estate questions that you would like to see me do videos about please comment below or email me at antonio(at)

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