How to Hire the Right Agent to Sell Your Home

How To Hire The Right Agent to Sell Your Home Gardena CaliforniaI want to share some tips with YOU that I learned during my last 28 years in the business.

I learned that sellers want 3 things for sure:

1. Sell their home fast

2. Sell it for the highest amount of dollars possible

3. To have a smooth sale, a sale with the least amount of hassles


Don’t be fooled by looks, for example, He or She drives a fancy car, has expensive clothes, expensive watch, jewelry, dressing professional is important in our business yet when they have low skills, or are egocentric and keeps talking about them being # 1 so many times, who cares, I rather ask YOU and find out what is important to YOU about selling your home and what YOU are trying to achieve.

Make sure you connect with that agent because once you sign that Listing Contract, is over you will be dealing with He or She for the next 2 to 6 months at least.

Will He or She communicate regularly with YOU? And tell you their honest opinion of what needs to be done as time goes on and the home has not sold or will they slowly disappear during the process and lets YOUR Listing Contract expire and ruins your move in the time you.

Also hearing an agent make so many promises just to get you to sign with them, saying things like “We will do unlimited open houses”, “Our Drones will sell the home faster” or that our “Team will do this or that, and at the end when you add up all the team members they all sold a very low amount of homes per year” and there is no extra value.

Mr. Seller, there are many seller objections that I have encounter during the many years in the business and I will share 3 of them with YOU now, and if you give these to the agent during your meeting and if they answered it to your satisfaction and YOU feel good about them go ahead and sign the contract.

Yet if they don’t have a clear answer for You. How are they going to answer the many questions and objections they receive from the buyers that are trying to buy YOUR home? I recommend YOU don’t sign the contract with them at that point.

Some objections some Sellers say are…

1. I want to think it over, I will call you tomorrow

2. I have a friend in the business and I want to give them a shot first

3. What do you do to sell homes?

Mr Seller, YOU want the truth, RIGHT? YOU don’t need any gimmicks, false promises, undedicated agents, YOU have your hard earned EQUITY at stake here. Do YOU want to let the less qualified agent handle the sale of your home and possibly leave money on the table? Of course YOU don’t I want to apply for the job of selling your home, all we need to do is simply set up a time to meet, CALL ME my number is 310-345-1513, I Look forward in Meeting YOU!