How to Price Your Home Right To SellIt’s been proven that if you price your home right to sell from the beginning, you will obtain higher offers and a faster sale.

This is why it’s important to avoid pricing pitfalls, and decide on a real estate price at a fair market value when putting your home on the market.

Our prices are facing more scrutiny from lenders and harmony institutions. They want to know that your property is worth the investment.

In addition, outside lenders will order a supervisory overview of your property to make sure that the appraiser was accurate in their value assessment.

Even if you find a buyer who will overpay for your home, it will still need to be appraised, unless you have a cash buyer.

One reason some agents are happy to take overpriced listings is the need to have inventory to advertise.

When a potential buyer calls about an overpriced house, the agent takes those leads and directs them to homes that are priced correctly.

In this way, the overpriced house helps to sell the correctly priced houses. By using a real estate professional who offers an aggressive marketing plan, joined with proper pricing, you will attract a greater number of qualified buyers.

This results in a greater chance of selling your property with no hassle to you or your family!

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