5 Reasons You Shouldn't Do it On Your OwnWhen it comes to wanting to sell your house ideally as a home owner you have to choose one of two options, that is using a real estate agent to do all the work for you or soldiering on yourself and selling it using the for sale by owner tactic. Needless to say however one tactic is more effective than the other, below are simple reasons why you should not do it on your own

Too Many People to Negotiate With

If you happen to have a house in a great neighborhood that attracts many investors, you will have to ready yourself psychologically in dealing with many people. Putting up a for sale sign means that you attract all kinds of people. This ranges from having to patiently negotiate with buyers, buyer’s agents, appraisers, buyer’s attorneys and most of all home inspection owners who always have a way of finding issues with the house.

No One To Negotiate With

Sale by owner strategy also has its downfalls and can represent a problem where you actually have no one to negotiate with at all. Ideally if you thinking of selling your home, you have to accept the fact that putting up a for sale sign and making a sale few days tactic is now obsolete. To back this up, recent studies indicate that almost 90% of people now search for houses online, a fact that needs skill you might not be versed with if you aren’t in the real time business

No Selling Strategy

To make it in the real estate industry and actually make numerous sales a month means that one actually has to develop a selling strategy that works. Real estate agents have this in place and employ different marketing and networking strategy to sell your house. This this means that they use the rigorous marketing and networking connections they have to get you the best deals in shortest time possible.

Tedious Paperwork

Over the years, in order to protect the buyers from dubious sellers and overall safeguarding buyer’s safety, more rigorous means of procedures have been put in place.This translates to more paperwork that makes it simply frustrating. To further get an understanding of this, you have to comprehend just how much paperwork, inspection and regulation is needed for you to actually successfully sell the house on your own

Low Underlying Net Cost

Finally using an agent to sell your house might mean a larger net profit in the end. Even with factoring in the commission made, it has been noted that agents negotiate for a higher sale value than the market price for you hence giving you the opportunity to actually sell the house at a better price. This means that they get to do all the work and you get to enjoy a larger profit margin.

Published by Antonio Atoche

I have been helping clients buy and sell homes since 1987. Over 28 years experience in selling properties and protecting your best interests. I speak and write Español fluently.