Importance of a home inspectionBefore you pen down a deal to purchase a new house, it is important to get a home inspection done and thoroughly checked by a professional home inspector.

Having your house checked is one of the most important things that you can do to certain that the house you are buying is a safe place to live in and that it is a sound investment.

You may walk into a property, flush the toilet, switch on the lights and see sparkling granite countertops, but that does not mean that the house is flawless. You need a qualified and licensed home inspector to examine all the details of the house.

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A home inspection is a significant contingency that you can use in your purchase offer. The contingency will ensure that in case defects are revealed; you can decide to leave the offer, negotiate with the homeowner for the correction of that defect or give the owner time to rectify the defect.

What Does a Home Inspection Entails

The thoroughness and scope of inspection depend on the inspector’s experience and capabilities. However, there are some certain elements that form the basis of any examination. Inspection can take several hours depending on the size of the property. As a buyer, you should make sure you are present during the inspection so that you can get a firsthand explanation of the inspectors finding and also ask questions about areas of your concern. Below are a few things that you expect the inspector to examine:

In the exterior, inspectors examine;
• Exterior walls
• Grading
• Roofing
• Foundation
• Garage

In the interior they examine;
• Electrical wiring
• Water heating system
• Plumbing that entails checks on water pressure, visible leaks in all showers, faucets and sinks
• Kitchen appliances
• Ventilation, air conditioning and ventilation
• Bathrooms
• Fire safety and
• Laundry room

Why are home inspections important?

Even though the home inspection will cost you a little more of your time and money, it is highly beneficial in the long-run. Through inspection, you get the owner to fix problems detected before you move in thus saving yourself the incremental cost of fixing these problems later. When making a written offer for a house, you can include the home inspection report as one of the conditions. If the house has some defects, you can reduce your offer, ask the owner for repair or even back out of the contract.

Despite home inspection being so important, you need to recognize that there is no such thing as a flawless house. Every house has a defect. Inspectors recognize this aspect, and they always don’t include petty problems such as broken window panes, missing nuts or scratched walls in their report. A home inspection is essential, but always considers the larger problems rather than the cosmetic faults in a house.

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